Test news about garden

Bellingrath Garden keeps the heritage of Walter and Bessie Bellingraf. It was firstly a fishing lodge for Mr. Bellingrath, and later in 1920s it was converted into the exciting Garden Manor. The Garden was first available to the visitors in 1932 for a day in commemoration of the National Garden Club session. The garden can boast a variety of seasonal blooms during the whole year, starting with azaleas, roses, camellia and chrysanthemums. There are also trips to the uniquely equipped Bellingrat house-museum.

Bellingrath Gardens and Home was designed by Mr. and Mrs. Walter Bellingrat. The Gardens were initially opened to the public in 1932 at a session of the National Gardens Club in Mobile. Mr. Bellingraf posted an advertisement in newspaper, declaring that any person who wants to see the Spring Garden can come and do it for free. After a staggering reaction, the pair agreed to keep the gardens public all year round.

During the whole year Garden Manor are in complete bloom with camellias, azaleas, roses, chrysanthemums.

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