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Santa Ana Botanical Garden Ranch is a personal, non-commercial scientific study and academic facility dedicated to the flora of California. It was founded in 1927 by Suzanne Bixby Bryant in Orange County and relocated to Claremont.

The exhibited plants are aboriginal varieties or cultivated species, which were created on their basis. Several plants are old parts of the California flora or are closely related to the aboriginal species of the Garden. Numerous cultivated varieties of native Californian flowers, which are currently involved in gardening, were created in the Garden by means of hybridization and breeding. The Garden also grows a lot of rare and disappearing varieties, and employees carry out studies to save these valuable, vanishing plants.

Similar to the rest of the U.S. botanical gardens, the Santa Ana Ranch Botanical Garden is the top scientific study center for botanical research. It features an extended library of botany data to help identify California plants and a collection of herbs of surviving plants. In addition, the Garden provides a postgraduate programme in botanics through the Graduate School of Claremont, along with social learning programs, lecturing, excursions and specific activities for individuals of various ages.

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