Delaware Botanic Gardens


The Delaware Botanical Gardens (DBG) is situated on Pepper Creek and includes four primary gardens and a traditional Barn Potting Shed, which acts as a reception area.

"The gem in the top of the crown for us is the meadow garden created by Pete Oudolf," stated Brent Baker, DBG's Director of Public Relations. "You probably don't know him, but he is a worldwide known garden designer from the Netherlands. And he created the meadow that features 70,000 native plants and herbs, all manually grown by our community volunteers.

Baker explains that there is a training garden, a kind of learning center for the botanical garden.

It consists of an open-air training room in the swamp area, where we offer hands-on exercises on how the wetland environment functions. And we also have three indoor dunes," Baker continued.

Baker said there is the Folly Garden, consisting of 2,500 bulbous plants, which will turn into a pool of yellow daffodils in the spring.

The final location is the Forest Garden, a 12-hectare woodland with wetlands of fresh water.

Baker explains that it was once a soybean farm, and a number of Sussex County inhabitants who believed it seemed about time for the province to have its proper public botanical garden in southern Delawary came forward in 2012 and agreed to rent property from the Sussex County Land Trust for $1 per year for 99 years.

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