Yew Dell Gardens

Yew Dell Gardens

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This 30-acre site is the work of self-taught master craftsman and sapling shop Theodore Klein. It is located in Crestwood, Kyoto. The desert land has rare specimens and classic stone structures. Style is reborn as gardens and craftsmanship.

Yew Dell Botanic Garden is one of the finest public gardens in Kentucky and has an outstanding history of gardening across a long history. With 60 acres of beautiful gardens, green spaces and forest hiking trails, you will find a source of relaxation and inspiration in the back yard, freeing you from the hassles of everyday life. Through various educational programs, family-friendly community activities, and research into new and better garden plants, we hope to make you a better gardener and enrich your community life through plants. Yew Dell is registered as the National Garden Conservancy Conservancy Project, a national nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting the most important gardens in the United States.

After Klein’s death, a committee of local volunteers was set up to purchase the land, we formulated a master plan and the skills needed to protect the Udel Botanical Garden for the general public to enjoy and educate and assist in the development of strategic strategies.

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