Xeriscape Demonstration Garden in Colorado Springs

Xeriscape Demonstration Garden in Colorado Springs

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The two gardens in Colorado Springs, sponsored by the Department of Public Works, are a prime example of landscaping with little or no water.

The community volunteers take care of gardens whose plants transform throughout the year and which have no, little or no water requirements. Over 500 varieties of flowers, shrubs and trees dot the gardens.

The educational exposition explains the basic rules of xeriskypical horticulture: layout and draft; soil changes; effective irrigation; suitable plants for every area; restricted and appropriate lawns; mulching.

Plants are marked and comprise evening primrose, sage, sedum, oregano, chicken and hens, cattail iris, edelweiss, willow, flock, sumac, homosexuality, lead plant, fern bush and California fuchsia.

The gardens are accessible to the community at all times and are complimentary.