Woodland Park Rose Garden

Woodland Park Rose Garden

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Woodland Park Rose Garden provides an excellent setting for flower lovers. Walk through 2.5 acres of formal landscaping and admire 3,000 roses, representing more than 200 roses. A variety of roses elegantly blends with the formal architectural design of the garden, developing a striking exhibition landscape.

Since 2006 the rose garden has been free of pesticides. One of the advantages of the absence of pesticides is the ability to feed  zoo animals, especially gorillas with the rose flowers.

Combined with natural methods, this garden thrived. Methods as below.

Create healthy soil

Smart irrigation practice

Try alternatives to pesticides

Practice natural grass

You can learn more about these practices when you visit the garden.

History of the garden

With the joint efforts of the Seattle Lions Club and the Seattle Rose Association, the Seattle Citizen Rose Garden in Woodland Park was planned to officially bloom in 1922. The purpose of this garden is to display Seattle’s climate-friendly roses for free.

The original garden design developed by Howard E. Andrews was accepted by the park manager in October 1922. Development of the garden was finished in 1924 and 1.8 acres and 150 roses were displayed when it became available for visiting.

The Rose Garden’s reputation has grown rapidly and in 1947 it was chosen as a nationally accepted “National Rose Selection” test site and was maintained until 2010.

It is located in Woodland Park.

The garden is free, the zoo costs from 17$

Thursday 7AM–10PM
Friday 7AM–10PM
Saturday 7AM–10PM
Sunday 7AM–10PM
Monday 7AM–10PM
Tuesday 7AM–10PM
Wednesday 7AM–10PM