Wilowwood Arboretum

Wilowwood Arboretum

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Wilowwood Arboretum is a 136-acre farmland with approximately 3,500 native and exotic plant species, many of which are rare plants. In addition to unmaintained forests, oaks, maples, willows, magnolias, lilacs, cherries, firs, pines, beautiful specimens of sequoia alba (metsequoia) more than 30 feet tall, a large number of ferns, fields and plants, such as the extraordinary i wild flowers of the forest are collected.

Willow Botanical Garden is adjacent to Bamboo Brook Outdoor Education Center. in the Morris County Park System. Willowwood is located in Peedmont, New Jersey, and most of Bamboo Brooke is located in Highland, New Jersey, which makes these lands of particular geological significance. Examination of the soil and rocks revealed significant differences.

Enjoy the world of gardening in the lush Willowwood Arboretum garden. You will be amazed to see more than 2,100 native and exotic plants. Have lunch, cover yourself with a blanket, find a discreet spot and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Are you looking for the ideal venue for weddings, hen parties, family reunions, corporate events, etc.

Calendar of events: https://www.willowwoodarboretum.org/Events