Wild Gardens of Acadia

Wild Gardens of Acadia

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The one-acre garden spans 12 parts and is a typical plant habitat, from mixed forests, roadsides, grasslands to mountains, heather, beaches, streams, bird bushes, coniferous forests to swamps, swamps and ponds.

Sit on a bench in the garden and enjoy the sound of the stream and the birds singing in the bushes. You can admire nine native ferns in the Mixed Woods.

Today the garden is mainly cared by volunteers under the guidance of the Friends of Arcadia and the gardener. Its purpose is to deepen public understanding and promote the management of Acadia’s native plants and habitats.

After visiting the gardens, why not visit the nearby Sieur de Monts Natural Center. The center has a park information desk and friendly rangers, books and maps, local birds and animals, fires, air pollution, parasites, marine life, beavers, animal footprints, snakes, frogs, plants, etc. And an interesting exhibit. In the external pavilion it is possible to view the daily program of nature lessons held by the forest rangers for adults and children.

Behind the Nature Center is a monument to George Dorr, the founder and caretaker of the park. Turn right on the road and you will see a beautiful arched dome surrounding the Sieur de Monts Spring, called “Acadia’s Sweet Water”. Along the way up the hill, you will find the Abbe Museum in a Mediterranean-style building, which displays the stone instruments, weapons, pottery and carved flutes of the Wabanaki Indians.