Washington Park Botanical Garden

Washington Park Botanical Garden

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This beautiful 20 acre botanical garden is managed by the Springfield Park District and is located on the northwest corner of Washington Park, adjacent to the Thomas Leeds Memorial Carillon. This 50 foot long greenhouse dome is planted with tropical plants from Asia, Africa and South America, and various outdoor gardens are planted with plants and trees suitable for the Springfield area. The official rose garden has more than 5,000 plants and is the largest rose garden in northern Illinois. Most of the greenhouses and garden paths are wheelchair accessible, but some areas (including the rose garden) have steep slopes. The Washington Park Botanical Garden hosts special events throughout the year, including large Christmas and Easter exhibits. They also provide educational programs for gardeners, botanists and nature lovers.

The garden offers an oasis of tranquility, beauty and nature in an urban setting. You can enjoy the colors of annual and perennial flower beds, the smell of rose gardens and the freshness of the shades of evergreen and deciduous trees. The garden hosts educational workshops throughout the year. The school visit from kindergarten to university is free. Gardening information is provided in the form of guides, handouts, annotation labels, telephone consultation procedures, etc. Of course there are also some plants. There are more than 1,200 plants in the garden, ranging from rare to ancient collections.