Tulsa Botanical Gardens

Tulsa Botanical Gardens

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When the flowers are in full bloom in spring, head to the Tulsa Botanical Gardens and stroll leisurely among the lovely greenery, exotic greenery and colorful landscapes.

Take in the beautiful views of the lake surrounding the garden, as you admire the roses and other flowers scattered around the Tulsa Botanical Garden. On the other side of the lakefront, you will find the flowery terraces of A.R. and Marylouise Tandy, where there are more than 8,000 types of trees, shrubs, foliage plants, roses and perennials. See a 6-foot-wide garden waterfall surrounded by over 100,000 bulbs, which is one of the largest spring bulb exhibits in the Tulsa area.

The Spring Ball Show is the largest show in the Tulsa area. Throughout the year, we will hold seasonal flower bed color activities and provide various activities for people of all ages. Children’s Discovery Park is open to children and adults. From two-acre sensory plants to spring giants with musical instruments, to artistic wall painting, this two-acre wonder garden offers you hands-on pleasure. Spinning the wheel can make the real big vortex of insects fly over the “grass”. In the tree house, you can not only see the canopy, but also the entire garden below.

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