Tryon Palace Gardens

Tryon Palace Gardens

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Tryon Palace’s mission is to bring present and future generations into North Carolina’s history, from early settlement and national development to the mid-20th century.

History cannot be rewritten, “but Tryon Palace Gardens, North Carolina is close by. The state’s first permanent Capitol building has been rebuilt. Its vast territory includes historic homes, gardens and museums, giving you a experience recreated in the southern spirit of the times.

Tryon Palace was completed in 1770 and has a turbulent history. The eighth royal governor of the colony of North Carolina, William Tryon, built this palace as the colony’s first permanent capital and his family’s residence. After the luxury building was completed, Tryon moved to New York after just six months, and the growing state government moved the capital to a more central location in Raleigh. The palace was later reused, but its maintenance costs were too high for the country. In 1798 a fire broke out. The palace has no photos or engravings and its beauty is about to be forgotten.

However, in the early 20th century, people’s interest in the old palace increased day by day, and after countless attempts at reconstruction, a group of five passionate women learned of the project in the 1950s.

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