Tohono Chul Park Garden

Tohono Chul Park Garden

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Tohono Chul Park is a charming 49-acre botanical garden suburb of Tucson, Arizona. The park has been linking art, nature and community for more than 25 years, and you will be pleased to enjoy spending a few hours exploring it. The gardens are filled with lovely desert flora like the barbed pear and saguaro cactuses, and wildlife such as lizards, rabbits, crushed squirrels, and occasionally even rattlesnakes. In addition to providing a marvelous place for traveling, the gardens are full of art.

“Sonoran Blooms” by the artist Ned Egen needs neither eating nor water and is constantly blooming in the desert sun.

Reclining Coyote” is included in the constant series of the Tohono Chul Park and is intended to provide admirers with an overview of the Sonoran desert fauna.

There are wild horses racing through the desert, godown the pipe down the Salt River when they pasture on the river bank.

“The Garden consists of stories” – it is inscribed on the passageway beyond the fountain in the pot. In Tohono Chul Park, it may no more be true. It is possible that flora, art, and fauna will trigger your very own stories or maybe you can make new ones.


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