Thuya Garden

Thuya Garden

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Thuya Garden is a peaceful place to stroll, contemplate and appreciate the beauty of nature. The mossy granite staircase in Asticou Terraces provides a mysterious passage to the Tuya Lodge gate and border garden. The unique carving on the wooden door welcomes visitors. The forest takes its name from the surrounding white cedar (cypress thuja) The forest garden is open to all but has a private atmosphere.

It was designed and built by Charles K. Savage, who lived in Northeast Harbor from 1956 to 1961 with funding from John D. Rockefeller. The garden is inspired by the British style and incorporates Beatrix Farrand’s unique insights and the unique features of the Maine coast. A variety of annual and perennial plants are planted along the longitudinal direction of the garden. The slightly north-sloping observation pavilion overlooks the main garden, which flows into a shallow reflecting pool. Thuya Lodge was built by Joseph H. Curtis between 1912 and 1916. He was a landscape architect in Boston. The garden is built in an orchard owned by Curtis. Along theAsticou Terrace Trail, there is a memorial to Curtis. The name Thuya derives from the large amount of white cypress (Thuya Occidentalis) present in the area.