The Garden at El Zaguan

The Garden at El Zaguan

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At the end of 2012, the Santa Fe Master Gardeners, in collaboration with the Historic Santa Fe Foundation, began restoring the garden while practicing community-based gardening. After the initial assessment (existing planting, soil properties, water utilization, etc.), a garden design and work plan was developed to address this established garden need and improvement. This year’s ninth year, the project proposes pruning, IV irrigation, plant migration to avoid congestion, new plant additions, hard caps and other garden improvements.

Project goals

To create a rich garden with a water-friendly budget while staying true to the historical origin of the garden.


El Zaghouan’s Garden is currently open Monday to Friday from 9am to 12pm and is by appointment only. These times are subject to change due to amendments to public health orders.

The Master Gardener works in the garden twice a month, from March to November, on certain Friday and Saturday mornings. Covid-19 restrictions will limit visitors to the garden until the public health order is amended.