Tenshin-En Japanese Garden

Tenshin-En Japanese Garden

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There’s a beautiful little space behind the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, Tenshinen. Tenshinen is a dry garden that reinterprets the art form of Japanese temple gardens in the 15th century. It was Named after Kakuzō Okakura. The garden was dedicated in 1988 and was replanted this year after 12 months of extensive replanting and pruning.

However, the garden is so harmonious and well organized, it doesn’t seem to be very crowded. Visitors can experience it as a three-dimensional painting that integrates Japanese and American cultures.

When the celestial azaleas are in full bloom, Tenshin-En is best, but it’s beautiful in any season. In the fall, cherry blossoms and maples add color to the dark green of the pines, and in the winter there is a stark contrast between the brilliance of white and black.