Tanner Springs Park Portland

Tanner Springs Park Portland

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Tanner Springs Park is a quiet and peaceful place 1.5 meters below the road. However, to commemorate the park’s name and “water” design theme, it is 12 meters taller than the old Tanner Hot Springs. This area of ​​Portland was a wetland when the city was built. The rivers that supplied the wetlands were channeled and the wetlands became “dumps” in the language of the nineteenth century for the tanneries. The water in the park flows from the surrounding area. It is purified in the wetland habitat and flows into the Tanner River.

The bridge is installed over the water and the Art Wall uses track 368, which is no longer used on local railways. The park was designed by the locals and they are responsible for the maintenance of the park. Designer Herbert Dreiseitl has experience in community art projects. His book “Waterscape” has nothing to do with the classic flowers, lawns and plants of park designers, but with art, water and ecology and has inspired a generation of landscaping projects. . focus on. This small Oregon park is believed to have hit rainwater wetland park in the largest group of parks in China.