Sundial Garden

Sundial Garden

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Periodical gardens in a historic environment, available for visitors in the middle of June. The on-site tea store offers an excellent choice of beautiful free-range teas from all main tea making countries, teapots as well as a range of tea-related goods and special products. Tea trials are held all year round, starting in the spring of 2016. Visit our website: for updated information, calendar, etc.

If your flavoring receptors are getting sick of tasting New England wines, you may be interested in visiting Sundial Gardens. Established in 1976, this well-known garden and arboretum of Connecticut has been shown in many journals and television programs. They are as well-known for their tea as their gardens. Not only do you get to try their wonderful teas, but you can really enjoy a tea party like those in England. In addition to the usual tea conversation, they also offer specific programmes, like baking and chocolate cooking lessons.

The tea store is available from Thursday to Sunday. In the store you can purchase the finest foreign leaf teas, as well as brew kettles and candies that will suit your Sunday afternoon tea party beautifully. Visit this stylish garden next time you visit Connecticut.