Sherwood Gardens

Sherwood Gardens

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Sherwood Gardens is located in the center of the Guildford District in northern Baltimore and is known as one of the most beautiful lands in Maryland. With beautiful scenery all year round, this attraction is hailed as the dream of tulip lovers around the world. On a beautiful spring, as you stroll the 6 acres of vast grounds, you will understand why.

With 80,000 fresh tulip buds planted each season, visitors to Sherwood Gardens can enjoy the most beautiful landscape in the United States. However, the Guildford Society emphasizes the beauty of the garden not only through the tulip garden, but also by planting many other spring flowers such as wisteria, magnolia, and bees. In addition, various beautiful trees and rare trees are scattered around the house. The best season for Sherwood Gardens is from mid-April to early May, an ideal destination for families who want to relax for a few hours in the beautiful spring. We suggest taking a picnic.

The garden is open to the public and reservations are not required.

From late April to early May, Sherwood Garden is always in its best condition. In addition to the beauty and uniqueness of today’s gardens, there are many types of rare tree species which form another aspect of Mr. Sherwood’s special interest.

In the midsummer season, thanks to Stratford Green’s various education and summer flower planting programs, large numbers of annual and amorphous plants are planted on the garden bed.

Sherwood Garden covers more than 6 acres and has no obstacles like gates and fences. Although it is a private park, the public can walk freely around the attraction.

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