San Diego Zoo Gardens

San Diego Zoo Gardens

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San Diego Zoo World Class Botanical Garden, with about 700,000 strong plants, covers 100 acres, bringing joy to the guests, local animals and nature conservation professionals all over the world.

Celebrating the Centennial of the Zoo: Welcome the workers of the Zoo, Safari Park and the Institute for Conservation Studies to the Horticultural Stand at this complimentary activity.

Plant and Odyssey Orchid Day: Take a botanical bus tour guided by the gardeners at 14.00 and attend the House of Orchids from 10.00 to 14.00 on the third Friday of each month. The Orchid House is equally available from 10:00 to 14:00 on three Sundays – June 5, September 11 and December 4.

Self-managed botanical trips: You can download directories on plant collections and the park in the zoo. Paper guidebooks are always accessible in the visitor departments of the zoo.

Some of the Zoo’s botanical marvels include nine certified collections of plants, from fire-blooming corals (Erythrina) to dinosaur age cages, mysterious orchids, soaring figs and favorite catchy acacia and bamboo.

There are few threatened species in every category (about 500), such as the Australian Wollemy pine and the Chinese orchid with tiger stripes and paphidelium. The Oddians are also abundant, as is the bats’ pollinated sausage with heavy fine-like fruits and bumpy figs that dissolve the fruits as if a cabinet were pulling them over the trunk.