San Antonio River Walk (Paseo del Río)

San Antonio River Walk (Paseo del Río)

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The San Antonio Riverwalk (also known as Paseo del Rio) is the greatest inspiration for urban planners and landscape architects from around the world. Today, there is a park of linear green streets on both sides of the San Antonio River. This green street is lower than the street and is lined with bars, shops and restaurants. The riverside promenade is an important attraction for tourists, at the same time a pedestrian zone is formed in the city center where cars cannot pass.

This is one of the best examples of the contribution of landscape design to civic design and urban planning. The original idea was invented by Robert Hugman in the 1920s. An architect who enjoyed fishing on the San Antonio River as a child. Hugman provided suggestions for flood control, park planning, and municipal design. It took several years to convince the city government to adopt his proposal, but in 1938 this was achieved with public works expenses. In the 1950s, the plan failed. Robert L. (Bob) Fraser graduated with a degree in landscape architecture in 1948 and was appointed director of San Antonio parks and recreation in 1955. He reorganized and redesigned places that were previously unsafe. He attracts people and businesses and makes Riverwalk Green Road safe, popular, and beautiful.

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