Salisbury University Arboretum

Salisbury University Arboretum

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The University of Salisbury Botanical Garden is located in the heart of the East Bank and is one of the most diverse gardens in the area. Salisbury University has loved trees since its founding in the 1920s, celebrating its first Arbor Day and planting lime trees at Holloway Hall.

Living plants include more than 3000 types of trees and a large number of woody and grassy plants. These plants are well-designed garden spaces and themes. They are located on the 200-acre campus and feature another garden, which is picturesque. The orchard has maple trees, red sardines, Salsbury, Isequoia, magnolia, deciduous azaleas, longevity, azaleas, vines, hereboa, Maryland champion trees, native plants, and pollution media.

Our job is to collect and display plants and its purpose is “to provide a beneficial landscape environment, beneficial for learning and show the diversity of the plant kingdom”.