Rundlet-May House and Garden

Rundlet-May House and Garden

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Businessman James Rundlet and his wife Jane built a terrace house and filled the house with the finest furniture. This house is not only a wonder house in the city, but also a great home for Rundlet couple. From original wall decorations and furniture made in 1807 to furniture added by the Rundlet family’s great-grandchildren in the 20th century, the Rundlet-May house showcases four generations of family ownership.

James Rundlet has brought the latest technology into the house. The kitchen is equipped with Rumford barbecues and Rumford series, as well as a well-designed ventilation system in the kettle and smoking room on the third floor. There is also a first coal-fired central heating system and internal water wells. The garden retains the original arrangement of colonial plants that were popular during the colonial revival period.

Garden hasn’t changed much over time, but it offers endless fun for families. Today, visitors to historic New England buildings in downtown Portsmouth can also feel comfortable and beautiful. Historical photos in the archive and photos taken most recently provide information on planting and landscaping projects, as well as information on the ownership and care of a garden or orchard of this size, thus gaining valuable insights.