Reiman Garden

Reiman Garden

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Reiman Gardens is owned by Iowa State University. The history of the garden can be traced back to 1914 and it now stands in its third place. There are herb garden, rose garden, botanical garden and wetland garden. In 2002, a complex greenhouse was opened, including a 2500 square foot butterfly house.


Bobby Reiman and his wife have long supported Iowa State University in Greendale, Wisconsin. In 1995, with their donation, the Horticulture Garden was moved to University Avenue and a fund was established, which can be expanded and renovated for many years. More than half of the financial support for the garden comes from enrollment, admission, rent and sales. More than 400 volunteers provide more than 11,000 hours of service each year and there are 40 students here.

Today, Iowa’s largest public garden, the 14-acre Lehman Garden, is Iowa State University’s educational resource. It is a year-round facility and one of central Iowa’s top tourist attractions. There is a garden divided into 26 areas, a covered greenhouse, a butterfly wing with a laboratory and an exhibition hall where you can witness emergency situations.

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