Point Defiance Park

Point Defiance Park

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Owen Beach has a beachside picnic shelter with barbecue, tables, restrooms, and ample free parking. Owen Beach was founded in 1957 and has long been a place of recreation for the locals.

Owen Beach (Owen Beach) offers great views of Version Island, ferries and fishing boats, and is one of Point Defiance Park’s most popular tourist attractions. You can also drive to the beach along Five Mile Mile Drive or stroll the beautiful promenade along the Boathouse Marina.

Trails. All the paths are passable on foot only. Cycling is prohibited.

Come to the visitor center . Rent tennis equipment. Point Defiance Park has a spectacular tennis court. Find out information. Park ambassadors work seasonally at the visitor center (and / or park pavilion) to lecture, answer questions, seek tourist information, participate in educational tours, and more.

Dune Peninsula. Thanks to Tacoma voters approving park and zoo bindings in 2014, the former Asarco super fund location has been transformed into a major waterfront attraction.

On the 605-foot-long, 50-foot-high Wilson Way Bridge, between Point Defiance Park and Ruston Way, you can enjoy magnificent views, walk, run, or bike in the 11-acre Dune Peninsula Park.

The Dune Peninsula at Point Defiance Park is large enough for the public to congregate in the new 11 acre landscaped park on the breakwater surrounding the Tacoma Yacht Club Pier. This is a unique spot overlooking the bay and sky.

Point Defiance Marina



Bridge. The 605 foot bridge is the missing link between Point Defiance and Ruston Way. The bridge rises above a new parking lot for park users and boat trailers. The central part of the bridge is called “moment” by the designer because visitors are forced to park and enjoy the vast landscape. The Park Commission named the bridge after Jack C. Wilson, who retired in 2016 after 17 years as the executive director of Metro Parks.

The restricted area is located on a five mile road south of Fort Nicari, covering approximately 7 acres. The driveway and cliff areas of the boardwalk are fenced off, similar to an area of ​​about 1/8 acre for small dogs.

And many more activities.

The entrance is free, but some activities are not. For example zoo costs 14-18$