Philbrook Gardens

Philbrook Gardens

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The garden was formerly known as Villa Philbrook and its design was intended for Villa Lante in Italy. It was built by oil king Waite Phillips, who arrived in Tulsa in 1918 and made a fortune. Landscape architect S. Herbert Hare was responsible for the design. Inspired by the Lante villa, he created terraced gardens, such as micro-gardens and central waterways, to create a style garden layout.

The garden design adds outdoor space to Villa Philbrook and offers nature views. In the south garden, there is a space surrounded by wrought iron arches, which mimic the arches of the sensory garden Villa Philbrook.

The gardens are planted with native Oklahoma plants, including various paths, bridges, carved walkways, and meandering streams. This entire site is ADA compliant.

The formal garden leading to tempietto was included in the original design and construction, while the garden leading to the summer house on the south side of the site was subsequently conceived and completed in 2004.

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