Olbrich Botanical Gardens

Olbrich Botanical Gardens

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Olbrich Botanic Garden has a 16-acre outdoor garden and a year-round tropical greenhouse. Sunken Garden has a prairie-style terrace, perennial herbs and a 3-meter high reflecting pool. The 2.5-acre perennial garden is a colorful Midwestern perennial, with streams winding through it. Learn about Thailand’s exquisite craftsmanship and exotic culture at the Thai Pavilion and Garden at Olbrich. This pavilion is the only pavilion in the Americas. This unique Thai garden uses dense Midwestern greenery to create a tropical vibe.

In Olbrich’s Rose Garden, you can admire the new combination of Midwestern perennial roses and bushy roses. Other gardens include the Herb, Rock, Meadow, Gravel, Serenity, Shade, and Wildflower Gardens.. The outdoor garden is open for free every day, but please donate.

The Bolz Conservatory is a sunny glass pyramid that displays various tropical plants, rushing waterfalls, free-flying birds and orchids that are open all year round. Feel the warmth of the sun through the rich tropical plants. To reproduce the natural tropical climate, the temperature in the greenhouse is kept at 65-80 degrees Fahrenheit and the relative humidity is kept above 60%, which is comfortable.

Calendar of events: http://www.olbrich.org/events/special.cfm