North Carolina Botanical Garden

North Carolina Botanical Garden

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The North Carolina Botanical Garden is a garden designed to protect nature. Its mission is to promote the understanding, appreciation and protection of plants and to promote a sustainable relationship between man and nature.

Piedmont Nature Trail
The 88-acre forest behind the exhibition garden is full of life. Please explore it. This three-mile long trail winds around the creek. Look for critters at Morgan Creek or look for wildflowers on the trails. Also, dogs can enter here.

Coker Arboretum
The five-acre gem on the United Nations University campus is now open to the public.

Battle park
The trail is maintained in the virgin forest on the edge of the UNC campus. Most of this 93-acre forest existed prior to European settlement in the 1700s and had never been cleared.

Mason Farm Biological Reserve
In the 367-acre Wildlife Sanctuary and Chapel Hill Nature Reserve, there are more than 800 plant species, 216 bird species, 29 mammal species, 28 fish species, 28 reptile species, 23 amphibian species and 67 species of butterflies. The area on the circuit of 2 miles.

Parker Reserve
127 acres of land mixed with oak, walnut and pine forests. Walk, looking for traces of 18th century residential areas. There is a trail that connects the Parker Reserve and the Mason Farm Biological Reserve.

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