New Orleans Botanical Garden

New Orleans Botanical Garden

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Established in the 1930s, the Botanical Garden has developed into an elegant resort with well-organized buildings and statues. The Botanical Garden was severely damaged by Hurricane Katrina in 2005.


The New Orleans Botanic Garden consists of 12 acres of land in a historic city park that was planned and planted by the Department of Commerce and Development in the 1930s. Originally it was simply called the rose garden, which meets the aesthetic needs of the general public, who cannot afford the luxury of a private garden, otherwise they will not be able to enjoy this pleasure of gardening. The garden was created by three designers: architect Richard Koch, landscape architect William Wiedhorn and sculptor Enrique Alferez. In the 20th century New Orleans community, everyone played an important role in design. The New Orleans Botanical Garden is one of the few extant examples of WPA and Art Deco garden design. For many years, the garden has been a source of learning for people of all ages. We provide many programs, such as educational school visits, summer camps, adult education courses and cultural activities.

Plants in the foreground

The New Orleans Botanical Garden offers a vibrant palette that can be used to explore more than 2,000 plants from around the world. This 12-acre site has several themed gardens, including a butterfly walk, Japanese garden, rose garden, and tropical garden. During your visit, explore the dense and diverse vegetation of the tropical rainforest and the history of the evolution of plant life over 200 million years in the twin greenhouses. There is also a collection of sculptures by Enrique Alferes.

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