Nemours Mansion & Gardens

Nemours Mansion & Gardens

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Formerly the property of Alfred I du Pont, Nemours is a 300-hectare estate in northern Central France, bearing the name of du Pont’s birthplace.

The manor house is an outstanding specimen of a French castle rebuilt by Louis XVI. It was projected by Carrer and Hastings from New York and constructed from 1909 to 1910 by Smith and the Son of Wilmington, Delaware. The manor house offers 102 bedrooms, as you might think, with beautiful ancient furniture, unique eastern carpets, tapestries and pictures from the 15th century.

The gardens, inspired by Mr. Dupont’s numerous journeys to European countries, are wonderfully decorated and feature a functioning bell tower, native forests and vast official French gardens.

A visit to the Nemours estate takes place at your own pace and under your own control. Qualified Interpreters are accommodated in separate areas of the Nemours estate and in the chauffeur garage to guide guests, exchange ideas and respond to queries. Information and road signs and maps of the gardens and places of interest are provided in the Visitor Center and around the estate.

Opening hours
The Nemours estate, comprising the manor house, gardens, land and chauffeur garage, is accessible to the public from Tuesday to Sunday during the normal period (May 1 to November 13); the manor house is normally shut on Mondays.

Nemours Mansion is accessible to the general public from Tuesday to Sunday during the vacation season (November 19 – January 8), with the exception of Thanksgiving, Christmas, Christmas and New Year’s Eve; the gardens, the grounds and the chauffeur garage are closed throughout the vacation season.