Nancy Forrester’s Secret Garden

Nancy Forrester’s Secret Garden

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The secret garden of  Nancy Forester is a must for adventure in Key West. This is a magical and mysterious sanctuary for visitors and the rescued birds who call it home.

Environmentalist and educator Nancy Forester set up this sanctuary to care for parrots that were abandoned decades ago. Guests can visit and entertain intelligent and sociable birds. Nancy holds “Parrot 101” every day, where visitors can ask questions about the parrot residents and hug some parrots.

Entering the dense green space makes you feel like you are in the jungle of the busy city. Come in and welcome the parrot to our ranks, even if someone politely calls “Hello”. Among the leaves luminous feathers stand out that cover almost all the spaces of the park.

Upon entering the house, you will also meet Nancy Forester, who supports this wonderful retreat. She is compassionate and unique. Her passion for birds is inspiring. After you meet her and the parrot she saved from abuse and neglect, your eyes will shine.

Her fauna depends on donations to manage everything. Nancy and her parrots lived on the last undeveloped piece of land in Key West before the garden moved to its current location. But unfortunately, financial problems forced her to miniaturize.