Mynelle Gardens

Mynelle Gardens

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Mynelle gardens is located at 4736 Clinton Avenue, west of Jackson, and is open every day exept for Thanksgiving and Christmas, New Years, Pastor Martin Luther King’s birthday, and every Friday after July 4th. You can have a picnic in the garden and there is also disabled access. You can also book the garden for group tours and conferences, club meetings, social gatherings, classes, weddings, receptions, etc.

Due to Mississippi’s warm climate, Menard Gardens in winter are peaceful, beautiful, and usually not very cold. These plants are marked and garden is used as outdoor classrooms for many winter nature study. We are currently creating a local vegetable garden. Elementary school students come to feed the turtles and observe the fish (mainly sea bream and sea bass) in the pond. There is also an expanding butterfly garden.

Even in the cold parts of Mississippi, Mynelle gardens is a good place for education. In this garden you can always see the changes of the seasons. For example, in winter, you can see camellia and various vegetables. It may be unthinkable to visit the garden in winter, but a garden like Menard is a treasure that can be enjoyed all year round.