Mount Auburn Cemetery

Mount Auburn Cemetery

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Mount Auburn Cemetery is the first garden or “garden” cemetery in the United States. The cemetery was established in 1831 in Watertown and Cambridge, Massachusetts, it is not only a haven for the dead but also a picturesque setting, winding paths and various arts of gardening and sculpture and other attractions and entertainment venues. Local. The success of this cemetery also influenced the design of other cemeteries, clarified the demand for public parks and gardens, and initiated the American Parks Movement.

Now, Mount Auburn Cemetery covers 175 acres and has more than 5,500 trees, shrubs and other plants from around the world. More than half of the trees in the house are affixed with plant names and common names, planting dates, and the degree of growth of the tree species. Mount Auburn has also been designated as an important bird habitat in Massachusetts. Current conservation efforts include planting native New England plants in the Consecration area, managing four ponds to improve wildlife habitat and implementing Integrated Pest Management (IPM).