Morton Arboretum

Morton Arboretum

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Morton Arboretum is a tree specimen, living museum, and science center, and Morton Arboretum is also a lovely 1,700-acre garden that is used to protect trees and other woody plants around the world. Take part in guided tours of children’s playgrounds, labyrinths, 25 kilometers of hiking trails, 14 kilometers of roads or facilities for the disabled.

Museum of 1700 acres of trees and plants. There are hiking trails, paved roads, restaurants, souvenir shops, outdoor trams, and barrier-free facilities for the disabled.

Morton Arboretum offers walking, mountain biking, cross country skiing, guided tours, art exhibits, theatrical excursions, various courses, natural beauty on canvas and movies and bird watching. It’s a good place to have fun all year round. Or why not indulge in the tranquility of the fantastic forest and landscape.

Visitor center

The visitor center features a ginkgo restaurant that overlooks Meadow Lake through charming floor-to-ceiling windows. In the gift shop, look for unique gifts related to nature.

Children’s garden

The vast 4-acre children’s garden is divided into multiple levels, with 10 themed gardens. It is a magical interactive playground in nature where you can use your imagination, learn and respect nature.

The garden was developed by child education professionals, landscape architects, gardeners and exhibition designers and has won awards for children aged 2 to 10.

Garden labyrinth

It has an acre of winding paths, made up of 2,400 hedges, designed for nature.

The 12 foot tall observatory built around the 60 foot tall cycad tree allows you to watch family and friends navigate the maze like a labyrinth. Additionally, there are gates at various locations in the maze, and staff can change the composition of the maze so that the repeater can take on the challenge as well.

Further information

Morton Botanic Garden is a great place to enjoy nature’s four seasons. It is also an excellent venue for weddings, business meetings and receptions.

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