Morikami garden

Morikami garden

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Morikami garden is called Rojien  and is a residential exhibition conceived as an extension of the museum. The six different gardens are inspired by important Japanese gardens and are not replicas. Designer Hoichi Kurisu created a unique garden based on the spirit of the owner.

There are many ways to explain the garden. We have provided a description of the garden’s history, technology and aesthetics, but this information is for reference only and the last hope is your personal insight, discovery and revitalization.

Bonsai collection

Explore the ancient art of bonsai in the bonsai exhibition. In the bonsai exhibition hall, there is a sign that gives you an idea of ​​bonsai training and carving skills.


The original “Yamatokan” museum in Morikami hosts two permanent exhibitions. The Yamato Colony. ”Presents the story of the daring agricultural experiment that took George Morikami to the Sunshine State.

Healing plan of the walk in the garden

The effect of garden walk therapy

  • Relieves sadness, despair, fear and loneliness
  • Better acceptance, feelings of optimism and joy