Morcom Rose Garden

Morcom Rose Garden

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The Morcom Rose Garden is a beautiful verdant oasis of more than 7 acres, situated in the area of Grand Lake in California. This pearl of a public garden is a 30-ies official rose garden, encircled by twisting pathways, elegant staircases, spectacular waterways, and a naturally occurring habitat sufficient to draw and shelter a variety of birds, even hawks, as the regular walkers of the neighborhood. Newly certified by the American Rose Society, Morcom Rose Garden is the heritage of all of Oakland.

The garden is a wonderful location to experience all the beauties, romanticism and activities.
There is also a woman who often goes to the Rose Garden to feed on squirrels, she is able to call them by name, and they show up in return. In addition, 2 or 3 wild turkeys frequently stay in the garden.


There was Linda Vista’s park before the rose garden. It is considered ( though it has not been proved yet ) that this territory may have been taken as a loaned hole for building some time ago.

The amphitheater is a core piece of planning designed by Arthur Cobbledick,, a landscaping engineer who produced the garden layout in the 1930s.

In reaction to the culture formed by the Depression, the garden was projected to emphasize eccentric roses in formal gardens encircled by a solid natural environment. Mayor Fred Morkom landed the first rose in 1933. It was changed after him by a single vote of the park’s board of directors in 1953, and in 1954 a little memorial plaque was attached.

Over eight decades, the Rose Garden of Morcom provided Oakland with a stimulant and peaceful location to live.