Memphis Botanic Garden

Memphis Botanic Garden

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The Memphis Botanical Garden is one of South Central’s top attractions. Located in the heart of Memphis, it covers an area of ​​96 acres and attracts more than 130,000 people annually. Many of the property’s gardens are planted with a variety of trees, including 85 magnolias and conifers, including Chinese water pine. The Memphis Botanic Garden improves our lives by connecting people with nature and increasing awareness and appreciation of the environment. There are 23 characteristic gardens in the hotel where you can carefully observe different types of plants, flowers and trees.

Whether you’re looking for a certified tree doctor course, or want to learn more about lawns or gardens, or have questions about plants, the garden can provide you with resources to help you learn and grow.

Our nature camp values ​​the bond between children and nature. We support children and nature-loving adventurers by exploring 96 acres of expansive grounds on our campsite and bringing them home for garden play activities.

The Memphis Botanical Garden offers a variety of experiences for families to learn and grow alongside nature. Throughout the year, we provide activities for preschoolers and older children, as well as activities and programs for the whole family.

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