Matthaei Gardens

Matthaei Gardens

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Flowers, plants and gardens are wonderful natural ambassadors, they are attractive in their own way, but the way the land is used also has a significant impact on the local ecosystem. Please visit these fascinating places.

  • Special plants, gardens and famous attractions
  • Gardens and landscapes adapted to our climate and conditions
  • Practice of ecological gardening
  • The restored area will activate your participation in ecosystem restoration

The conservatory displays plants from the three main living and climatic regions of the world. The Living Collection is suitable for students, faculty and staff active in the fields of science and art. In addition, bonsai are displayed in temperate houses all year round. The plants of the Conservatory have been selected as plants that represent the world.

The grounds of Dixboro Road, where the botanical garden is located, have maintained trails that exploited wonderful natural features even before their development in the early 1960s. There is a color map in the lobby. There are four paths with different characteristics on the more than 90 acres of land on the north side of the main building,

Our mission

Promote environmental enjoyment, management and sustainability through education, research and interaction with the natural world.

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