Massee Lane Gardens

Massee Lane Gardens

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One of the world’s leading camellia collections occupies a 9-acre area on Massee Lane. Camellia trees surround the sidewalk for easy viewing.

The Abendroth Japanese Garden, the Scheibert Rose Garden and beautiful plants such as daffodils, lilies, chrysanthemums, vines, flowers and trees, annuals and perennials add a lot to the beauty of the year.

Massee Lane was originally David C. Strother’s private garden in the 1930s. In 1966, Mr. Streser donated land to the American Camellia Association and established its headquarters.

Mr. Strother is a sizable collector. The millstone he brought into the garden was a symbol of Massee Lane. There are also some old raceway mileage indicators, some of which show mileage, adding new dimensions to the garden.

Our visitor center is located in the Annabel Lundy Fetterman building and regularly offers slide shows to provide information on the camellia and garden development. The gift shop, the auditorium and the large living room form the main elements of the building. The Stevens Taylor Art Gallery and the Annabel Randy Fetterman Educational Museum exhibit their porcelain collection.

Friday 10AM–4:30PM
Saturday 10AM–4:30PM
Sunday 1–4:30PM
Monday Closed
Tuesday 10AM–4:30PM
Wednesday 10AM–4:30PM
Thursday 10AM–4:30PM