Lurie Garden, Milennium Park

Lurie Garden, Milennium Park

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Lurie Garden can be called the “secret garden” of Millennium Park. This naturalistic garden is a place where man and wildlife rest and are reborn.

Lurie Gardens is an urban example of responsible gardening, providing a healthy habitat for various plants, animals and insects. Lurie Gardens is a leader in landscape design, garden design, responsible maintenance practices, and fascinating urban environmental education activities.

The garden offers a seasonal experience, blending Chicago’s past, present and future with bold designs, dramatic shapes, and intimate spaces. The design pays homage to the transformation from flat wetlands to the city of Chicago, known for investing in vast green spaces.

In these four seasons, visitors can rest and find inspiration. In early spring, bulbs and perennials bathed in sunlight grow into the soil and start over. In summer and autumn, butterflies and birds can sing. Seed heads and ornamental flowers in winter capture ice and snow, creating an elegant art form. Lurie Garden is a living art that combines Chicago’s unique culture, ecosystem, story and character structure and color palette.

The highlight of the garden is the 15-foot-tall “shoulder” hedge. The physical representation of Carl Sandburg’s famous “City of Big Shoulders”, surrounded by gardens on both sides and protecting the delicate perennial garden. An elegant solid wood walkway crosses the shallow water, dividing the garden diagonally between the “light” and “dark” panels.

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