Longwood Gardens

Longwood Gardens

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Longwood Gardens, located in Chester County, Pennsylvania, about an hour from Philadelphia, has more than 1,000 acres of gardens, grasslands, forests and elaborate gardening displays, including 11,000 plants. The facility was founded by Pierre du Pont in 1906 and is renowned around the world for his contributions to botany, design, education and art.

What to see

Longwood Gardens is a peaceful oasis that allows you to stroll along the paths and traverse many acres of beautiful gardens.

Every time you turn around, you will see new scenarios, such as the Italian water garden and the flower garden path. These include the “Peace Forest”, an oasis of trees with hundreds of years of history, collected for the first time in the United States.

There are various wildlife in the garden, including deer, butterflies, birds, beavers and bees.You can walk across the bridge and cross the many water springs in the garden.

In particular, Meadow Garden has an elevated walkway where you can see the landscape and the unique appearance of the plants and animals that inhabit it.

You can enjoy different seasons, such as magnolias, tulips and azaleas in the spring, roses and water lilies in the summer, autumn leaves and chrysanthemums in the fall, and camellias, orchids and palm trees in the winter.


Calendar of events: https://longwoodgardens.org/events-performances