Longue Vue Gardens

Longue Vue Gardens

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The Longue Vue house and garden are located at the western end of the city, right next to the cemetery, hidden among the trees along Metairi street. This magnificent city mansion has a classic Revival style mansion surrounded by 8 acres of stunning gardens designed by some of the best outdoor architects in the early 20th century.

This mansion was built by New Orleans businessman and cotton merchant Edgar Bloom Stern and his wife heiress of the Sears department store family Edith Rosenwald Stern. It was designed by famous architects William Pratt and Jeffrey Pratt and Ellen Biddle Shipman (known as “Dean of American Female Landscape Architects”).

Features of appearance

Longview Gardens were inspired by the Spanish gardens of the Alhambra and complement the splendor of the Spanish court. The lyric fountain, arched over a long rectangular pool against the backdrop of a palace, is perhaps the most spectacular feature of this manor, perhaps the one with the most images. Most of the gardens designed by Shipman for the Stern family are still intact or have recently been restored using the original Shipman design.

The on-site map will guide you through the various gardens. Well-tended flower beds are filled with flowers of various colors and shades, depending on the season. On the Longe View website, you can get acquainted with the flowering situation at that time.

Calendar of events: https://longuevue.com/events/category/longue-vue/