Long Hill

Long Hill

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Once the family was on vacation, the site was famous for its gardens for nearly a century. Ellery Sedgwick, publisher of The Atlantic Monthly, bought 114 acres of Long Hill as a summer residence in 1916. His wife Mabel Cabot Sedgwick is an excellent gardener and is the author of “Garden Month” (“Garden Month” ), published in 1907 and built the the garden. After the death of Sedgwick’s wife, his second wife Marjorie, in 1937, took care of the garden and eventually collaborated with Arnold Arboretum.

The house itself is a replica of the Isaac Ballroom in Charleston, South Carolina in 1802. Sedgwick bought sculptures and other architectural details from the abandoned Ball House and turned them down in Boston.

Construction of Long Hill began in 1921, using bricks produced in one of the first Ipswich factories. The garden is divided into several independent garden “rooms”, surrounded by beautiful brick Federal-style houses. Each “room” is decorated with ornaments and statues, and has its own personality. Today, the garden maintains its “living garden” style, with integrated outdoor rooms, mature plants mixed with the surrounding forest and innovative gardening spirit.