Linden Plantation Garden

Linden Plantation Garden

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Linden Plantation Garden is a show for all seasons, with different faces. From beautiful azaleas in spring, to familiar indigo and annuals in spring and summer, to the contrast between the flames of autumn and winter. Since Anne-Marie Brabston married John Wesley Vick in 1827, the Brabston family has owned four generations of gardens. You definetely visit it, travelling along the sunken road.

The magnolia and cedar planted by the current owner’s great-grandmother still remain. The vision of noted garden expert Joy Brabston is to return the 40-year-old Linden Plantation Garden into the current 8-acre Southern Garden. It has been introduced in books, magazines and newspapers in the United States.

This unique home displays a long history and some original furniture, pottery and glassware. The best reason to stay is to escape the hustle and bustle and enjoy a beautiful secluded life on an interesting plantation.Book room on the website.