Lilypons Water Gardens

Lilypons Water Gardens

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Since 1917, the private company Lilypons Water Gardens has been selling water garden plants and supplies. There are many made ponds in the garden, as well as open spaces and forests along Monocacy River and Bennett Creek.. Over the years, the staff at Lillipons Water Garden have been very kind to bird watchers. When visiting, follow the best etiquette and thank the staff for letting you visit. Tip: If you’re gardening, consider buying.

Due to its size and vast habitat, Lillipons is home to a wide variety of birds, regardless of the season, and is famous for its rare birds. In fact, among the Bird hotspots in Frederick County, Lilypons has the most reported species.

When the garden is open, bird watchers can freely explore the land. There is an observatory and a kiosk near the main building. Be sure to check the route map provided by the Frederick Bird Club. When Lilypons is closed, the view of the Monocacy Bridge allows you to clearly see the many ponds in the Garden Center for high-yielding bird watching.

Consider using Lilypons as a venue for future events (2021). Suitable for garden club, corporate meeting and retreat, event, small wedding, party, school, summer camp, etc. Meeting spaces, pavilions and picnic areas are ideal places for group gatherings. Lunch is also available upon request.

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