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Lakewold Gradens

Famous landscape architect Thomas Church was inspired by the formal architecture of Gurzian Wagner House, grand and private, formal and naturalistic, classical and modern. “Lakewold Gradens reflects a milestone in the history of garden design, where modern ideas and traditions are in direct conflict. The former owners of Lakewold Gradens, Corydon and Eulalie Wagner own more than 250 types of azaleas and 30 types of Japanese maples and trees, such as Metasequoia and Dawn Redwood (the largest species of trees in Washington State), we have bequeathed these things. As indoor shrubs and ground cover plants. There is a tea room covered in roses and a three-leaf clover Shaped swimming pool, a medieval knot garden, a fern garden and a wooded garden.

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Located in Lakewood, Washington, Lakewold is a Thomas Church landscape architecture surrounded by rare native plants, state champion trees, more than 900 azaleas, more than 30 maple trees, and beautiful statues. Designated as a National Historic Landmark, the Georgian Palaces and Historic Buildings of Wald Lake allow you to step back in time to the beautiful past or reflect on the future quietly on 10 acres of land.


In 1925, Major Everett Griggs and his wife Grace purchased the land and renamed it “Lakewold”.
Wagner House In 1938, the Grieg family and his wife sold Lake Wold to George Corydon and Eulalie Wagner. He is the son of a well-known Tacoma physician and the Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of the Sao Paulo and Tacoma Timber Company, C.W. President of Griggs Investment Company and Wilkesson Coal Production Company. She is the daughter of the famous Merrill Lynch wood family of Seattle, and is known for her dedication and contribution to the landscape industry represented by Lake Wold Gardens. Corydon and Eulalie enjoy playing outside in the garden, and neighbors and family enjoy gatherings on Wold Lake.

In 1958, Thomas Church, one of America’s finest landscape architects, first visited the Pacific Northwest, visiting Wold Lake. The church regularly returns to the countryside and makes suggestions for improving the garden design, always emphasizing the importance of attracting people to the garden.

After her husband died in 1978, Ms. Wagner continued to live in LakeWold. In 1987, she donated all of her properties to a new non-profit organization, Friends of Waldsee, on the condition that she set up a fund to ensure the continued management of the garden. Wold Lake Gardens was officially opened on May 7, 1989.

Characteristic plants
More than 900 azaleas, 60 maples, several state championship trees.


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