Kauffman Memorial Garden

Kauffman Memorial Garden

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For Ewing and Muriel Kaufmann, true joy comes from their opportunity to share with others. Throughout their lives, they have found many ways to enrich the surrounding communities. Ewing & Muriel Kaufman Memorial Garden is a permanent gift to Kansas City, inheriting the wishes of the generous couple. The Kaufman family’s trip around the world has created an open space comparable to Europark, full of fun and humidity.

Lush flower beds contain local and exotic plants, and some varieties are not found in the Midwest. The cut leaves and flowers are surrounded by stone walls and are artistically placed around the playful fountain and the elegant work of the bronze sculptor Tom Corbin. Botany students visit this world-famous garden to explore its features, but ordinary tourists will also enjoy it.

The Orangerie is a main building on the lawn of the garden, a protected gathering place for tourists and a gathering place for fragrant seasonal plants.

In summer you will find geraniums, celosa, koleos, marigolds, petunias, bincas and periwinkles. In the fall, chrysanthemums, asters, cabbage, cabbage, etc. Snapdragons, violets and dianthus in winter, tulips, daffodils and zinnias in spring. Ms. Kaufman’s favorite flower, the Garden Jasmine, always appears in the garden and blooms in late April.