Jasmine Hill Gardens

Jasmine Hill Gardens

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The open-air Jasmine Hill Gardens Museum covers twenty acres of well-kept gardens planted with Greek goddesses and gods, as well as other sculptures inspired by the classics.

Rushing from one beautiful garden to another, you can forget about time among flowers, of course, the jasmine of the same name in the garden.

When you finish admiring Greek sculpture, don’t forget to look into Wetumpka meteor impact crater, as Jasmine Hill is seated on the western side. Get a packed dinner or even a picnic basket. For hungry and exhausted heroes or heroines, there are plenty of places to eat and relax in the open air.

Whoever is at least acquainted with ancient Greek mythology will enjoy the special combination of man-made legends and natural southern gardening. If you don’t have enough money in your budget for a trip to the Louvre, you can see replicas of Venus de Melos, as well as Nicky of Samothrace on the Mount Jasmine. This is a wonderful chance to show children the ancient glory that was Greece. We simply would like to see more information about the flowers than just their titles on the tags. Tour groups can be reserved with prior booking. Gardens are now accessible in a wheelchair.