Irwin Home and Gardens

Irwin Home and Gardens

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Irwin Homes & Gardens is located in the historic downtown area and is a popular attraction for residents and tourists in Columbus. It was built in 1910 to complement the palace completed in 1864. The site was designed based on the gardens of Pompeii, Italy.

Children like gardens because they have a lot of animal sculptures. The fountain in front of the summer house is decorated with wild boars, bears, lambs and dolphins, while the small round pond in the main area is sprinkled with sea turtles. In 1928, bronze frogs and herons relaxing in the bird bath in the frog garden, settled here from Florence, Italy.

The core of the main area is a large bronze elephant. The original large image imported from Japan was purchased at the St. Louis World’s Fair in 1904. Nearly 30 years later, the Columbus Golden Foundry rebuilt the current elephant.

There are many fantastic “cubic holes” in the garden, and it’s fun to climb the stairs to the summer house and see Owen House. Day d shows the time near the center of the website, but don’t worry. You can rest on the numerous benches and enjoy the beautiful landscape while listening to the birds cries.