International Peace Garden

International Peace Garden

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It is located on the Canadian-US border, 24 kilometers south of Boissevain, Manitoba/Dunseith, North Dakota. Visitors are free to roam the gardens and travel between countries. You can even stand on either side of the border with one foot.

Peace Park is more than just gardens and flowers. This is a place of art, culture, education and entertainment, and most importantly, it is a destination that promotes peace.

Visitors to the gardens can walk miles of trails, admire the landscape, visit the Church of Peace and hear the words of world leaders at the 9/11 Memorial and Vitokos. Have a coffee at the café, visit the North American Wildlife Conservation Museum, snap photos in front of the iconic flower clock and Citi, and take photos on the terrace in the formal garden.

International Peace Park is a place that everyone can enjoy. You can only enjoy it during the day or on weekends. You can camp on serviced campsites with private woodland spots, rent facilities for family or business reunions, or get together with friends. Either way, this is a place to relax.

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