Idaho Botanic Garden

Idaho Botanic Garden

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The Idaho Botanic Garden is full of attractions. Here are some of them.

Adventure park for children

Adventure is waiting. The space aims to immerse families and children in nature. Climb the hollow trunk, climb the canopy of the tree house or find shade in the stone lizard hideout. The boy in the swinging fountain is T, the home of native tree frogs and waterfowl. Rabbits, birds and other wildlife and plants are generally everywhere.

Landscape protection water

The garden is planted on a large dam built in 2006 to prevent spring runoff from flooding the Idaho Historical Society building. In addition to strengthening the garden entrance, the “water protection landscape” can not only save water, but can also be used to combat drought and beautify the environment. It includes a number of beautiful and easy to pollinate plants, which is an educational tool. Water saving technologies such as drip irrigation and mulching have also been demonstrated.

Meditation garden

The “forest” of this garden is planted with evergreen broadleaf, coniferous and deciduous trees, which thrive in the cool, cool, humid air, and the summer afternoon sun and hot sun in Boise are heavily liberated. The temperature in the meditation garden in the afternoon can be 20 degrees lower than in the bare outdoor area.

Fire garden

Firewise Gardens are located on the northern border of the Lewis and Clark Native Plant Gardens. Developed in partnership with the Department of Land Management, Idaho Western Horticultural Planning College and Idaho Botanical Garden.

Idaho Native Botanical Garden

Its purpose is to introduce the various plants of Idaho and introduce visitors to the heritage of our plants and the importance of native plants. The focus of the garden is on plants that grow in desert climates and the types of native grasses, weeds, trees and shrubs are also on the rise.

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